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JaCooking for Wellness Coo estimonials from our Survey's:

January 20,2016

Animal Humane Society 

Life Coach 

Loosing my Best Friend Travis of 11+ years led me to adopt again at this Wonderful Non-Profit Facility. Lucky Me... During this process of looking I had the pleasure of doing my adoption papers with Kayla a wonderful Joyful staff person who helped me adopt my new puppy Maggie/May a yellow lab, what a joy she has been in my Life. During this process I told Kayla of my story with my Trav and also of my loss of my Mother all within a two week period, it was like a catharsis for Us both, and led to a wonderful letter from her telling me I had helped her feel better about her most recent loss too, that you do come out the other side. I wanted to share with all of you this is what good Life Coaching is, Talking to People and helping heal and become the person they want to BE!!!

Cooking for Wellness 

June 6,2013 -current

Mayo Clinic Heart Healthy Cooking is a Eating Lifestyle one that has been proven to help slow down the process of many diseases. Diabetes, Heart, Parkinson's, Dementia, Cancer.

I am currently cooking and delivering weekly to several clients with one or more of these issues. 

The Hall's of Edina.

The Tschida's of Oakdale

The Morrissete's of White Bear

How can I help you live a more healthy and well life.

Basic Italian Cooking Class

May 21,2013

TTtCooking Class was for her niece who is moving away from home to attend college. She really was very involved in wanting to know how to's of making Penne Pasta Hot-Dish dish and wanted to make sure she could replicate it when the Chef was not holding her hand per say.Recipes were given to all who attended, for hot dish, salad dressing, and red sauce.

The class was (7) people total including (2) men and I have never laughed so hard in my Life, oh Yeah I had to cook to, but that was a Bonus with this group of very Fun people.

Divadish received a perfect (4) Stars rating for Quality, Service, Timeliness, Quality of food, Quantity of food, Efficiency of set up & display.

"Improvements clients comments were No Improvement needed"

This was her first event with Divadish, she said great Entertainment, Loved the storytelling.

Thanks, Gianna, for a great evening.  We are still laughing today about it!  Plus, we’ll have great left-overs for a few days.  Thanks for your stories and the laughs!  You already feel like a family friend, which made it a very comfortable evening.  Hopefully we’ll do this again with a group.


Thanks again,


Pizza Making Cooking Class

May 10.2013

For Alex & Tanya

This class was purchased for Alex by his Mother-in-law she has a very rare talent of going for the unusual for her Loved Ones, lucky Alex indeed.

Not only did he get Divadish Personal Chef Services Extraordinaire  he got a lesson in cooking Pizza Diva style.

I made (5) 7" pizza's with all different toppings, a salad, and dessert and there was not a crumb left to be had anywhere, it was a huge success one that Alex can thank his Mother-in- law for, Way to Go Mom!

Gluten -Free Cooking Class

April 20,2013

This class was a gift to a sister-in-law she has a son with Autism that has gluten sensitivity issues.

The class was mostly for her but it was enjoyed by both guests.

Menu item for class was my Garbanzo Bean Chocolate Cake

The class started out with some funny issues with equipment but once that was resolved the cake was made the recipes given to both guests and the finished baked cake turned out Perfectly Delicious.

Overall Rating for entire Class was a perfect score of (4) 

Client Connie Thomsen Additional comments was this was a very unique experience.

Hair on Grand  Staff Christmas  Celebration

February 22nd, 2013 

This was one very Fun Event, food served was Divadish's Greek Chicken with all the trimmings. Everyone was in high spirits and the food was enjoyed by all.

Everyone gave Divadish a high 5 and a perfect rating of (4) for food quality & service.

Bunco Girl's Night @ The Olson's 

January 25th,2013

Overall Quality of Food & Cooking Class Demonstration

rating of 3.7

Overall Quality of Personal Chef Services

rating of (4)

client felt that use of griddle for cooking class would be better if under exhaust fan on stove

Overall quality of Catering/Personal Chef Services for this event was given a perfect rating of (4)


Book-party Glam Party for (8) High Fashion Girls!

Event Date: 12/12/2012

Clients Comments from Shelly Shea.

"Divadish/Chef Gianna was a delight we were very glad to have her and she fit very well into our small group.

We rated her as follows: 1= Poor 2= Fair 3=Good 4=Excellent

(4 ) on courtesy, scheduling,service,food delivery, quality of food, quantity of food,

efficiency of set up & display.

Grandparents day and Divadish  Brooke Vidmar Comments:

Thanks, Gianna, for the beautiful and delicious salad! It was just what I was craving! Your Greek dressing is so fresh and tasty. It was nice to have something made-up to bring over to my grandparents house for dinner. You are so sweet and generous, I look forward to working with you again! 
XOXO, Brooke Vidmar 

Divadish is serving her cooking to "The Stars & Celebrities of Minnesota"

From the countryside of River Falls Wisconsin, to Eden Prairie, then over the river to Chanhansen this Diva will drive to almost anywhere to bring the joy of Good food and sharing her passion for her Mediterranean Eating Lifestyle.

Bridal Shower Extravaganza!!!!

Orchestrated by Kira Goldman & Crew of very devoted friends and bridesmaids.

Held on April 21,2012 @ Bride to be home in Chanhansen, Minnesota.

Here is what they had to say:

We had a great time too and really enjoyed the food. Thanks for making working with you so easy.

Vikings players #54 Jasper Brinkly & #33 Jamara Sanford are Divadish's newest clients.

My Mediterranean Eating Lifestyle Diet will be fueling these two team members


Private Dinner Party for Jessica Miller & Izzy Dufrane

Completely Gluten -Free Menu was served

Date February 18,2012

Services included:

Menu planning

Grocery Shopping





Comments from Jessica I quote:" I am not sharing my Feta Meatballs with anyone"

Brooke Warner writes:Divadish Owner & Chef Gianna E. Ianos was engaging, helpful, entertaining.

Her food was delicious and the recipes for Greek Chicken & Lemon Wedge potatoes was enjoyed by all my wedding attendants.

I felt that she gave a very good presentation, and the value of her service was very fair for the amount of work that was done.

Here is my rating for Divadish Kitchens & Catering

  1. Quality of Food: A+ Fresh, healthy,wonderfully delicious!
  2. Value :Reasonable for amount of work,prep, time spent.
  3. Presentation:Looked great,very engaging personality.
  4. Customer Service: Excellent,gladly answered questions.
  5. Any Suggestions: Opening up a shop where I am moving, Duluth,MN.
Covidan Medical Equipment: Therapy Equipment & Solutions
Staff Training Luncheons

Food was very good Home-Style Cooking like our Mothers would make.
Hearty, Healthy, Delicious, and Not full of Artificial ingredients.

The Warner's of Family Owned business of the same name Warner Appliance store is proud to announce their middle child Brooke Warner will be wed in

February of 2012.

Divadish Kitchens & Catering was selected to do a Private Cooking Class for the Bride to be and 15+ of her closest friends and family.

The menu chosen was Greek Roasted Chickens with Lemon wedge potatoes.

Additional sides were Greek Salad,breads,Salami & Feta, Balsamic drizzled Roma tomatoes, and a vegetable tray.

For dessert Chef Gianna featured one of her favorite bundt cakes, Heath Bar Chocolate with Almond crunch icing.

It was a wonderful afternoon and the food was served with Fun and pleasure for a very hungry group of young women.

Just wanted to sing the praises of VVSP volunteer, Mama G.  Not only did she provide us with beef stew and work her magic pricing all the jewelry that was produced by Target and filling the showcase, she dove into cleaning the break room for our gathering today.  Bring your white gloves because we can “almost” eat off the floor it’s so clean!!! 

Granted she is my mom, but she took this on because VVSP is her FAV and she wants VVSP to always be that shining star that we are!!!!!


Karen Miller

Assistant Manager

Arc's Value Village St. Paul

1650 White Bear Avenue North

St. Paul, MN 55106




Ashley Furniture

1770 County Road D


Manager Tom Smaby


Mamma G's (8) Layered Lasagna, Italian Deluxe Salad,(2) loves of Crusty Artisan bread, of course we had to have (2) dozen of her new Almond Joy Cookies.

*This was all for our Holiday Staff party, Chef Gianna became our caterer after she convinced us we needed her Lasagna like we all need water!

David Dietz Of Dyna Micnotion            Film Producer

Owner & Financier of Film Festival Films furthering Creative Films and New Art Directors

Prepared (2) Penne Lasagna's, Breads, Spread, and dessert for film staff and actors.

Jeremiah Bickness                                 Realtor
Member of Million Dollar Club @ Century 21
Catered a luncheon for a Broker's Open.
Meal included Beefy Gravy Meatloaf, Garlic /Dill Mash potatoes,Chocolate Desire Cake

Linda's Accounting (White Bear Lake,MN.)
Catered: Gourmet Cheese Spreads,breads, cheese & meat platter,pumpkin muffins,almond cookies
For Grand-Reopening of their new office & location

Serenity Now Healing Center ( White Bear Lake, MN.)

Owner Jennifer Klein & Bill Klein& Family Their family enjoyed my Spinach Lasagna, and even there boys ate it!

Health Source Chiropractic Care (White Bear, MN ) Staff and clients enjoyed my Bacon & Cheddar mini-quiches, and Spice muffins.

Barr Chiropractic & Rehabilitative Care (White Bear Lake,MN.) Dr. Barr ordered a Spinach Chicken Sausage Penne Lasagna for the Twin Cities Marathon run which he placed in the top (5%) winning him a spot in the Boston Marathon! He gave my Lasagna all the Praises for his successful run that day.

Bald Eagle Women's Club  I was their Guest Speaker discussing the simple ways of Greek Cooking,this group of 30+ distinguished Women sampled my Greek Fries till they were all but a memory.

Synergy  Family Physicians (Dr. Carpenter & Dr. Perry ) Holistic & Western  Medicine Sampled my Almond Sugar Cookies made from organic ingredients.

Un Wind Massage & Therapies( Owner Nancy MCnulty ) Sampled my Chocolate Chunk Cookies loaded with chocolate bits.

Bella Galleria Home Decor (Minneapolis & St. Paul Locations ) I did a Client Appreciation and Art Show @ their Edina location. Their guests got to enjoy my Artsian Breads, Bleu Cheese & Feta Spreads, and top it off with my  Mini Carmel Chocolate Truffle Cakes.

Twin Cities North Chamber I catered a New Member Breakfast for over 40+ members,offering them Carmel Pumpkin& White Chocolate Bread, served with a Carmel Butter spread.Only Crumbs survived that group!

Polar Chev @ White Bear MN.I sampled my Spaghetti soup to the Mechanics and supervisors staff, it was gone quicker than you could get a tire off a car!

Chickadee Cottage For over (8) weeks Divadish sampled everything from cookies to breads and spreads to her wonderful customers. It was great fun and my weekly samples became the hit of the shopping experience at The Cottage.

SCC Cable #16 filming crew for Meeting Neighbors making friends: Divadish did a 30 minute interview on this show and we sampled my Baked English Toffee Mini Donuts

Tom Welna (Education Counselor & Consultant) Is what I fondly like to call my Food Critic, he Loves food, and when I am testing a new recipe he is more than willing to eat and give me his opinions.

Leon Luther (Home Repair ) Local handyman and friend he has sampled all my cooking. I have given him and his family soups, sweets, and breads to enjoy for all of the wonderful work he has done on my home. He never returns the bowls or dishes with any thing left over, my food is always a hit!

White Bear Heating & Cooling The Owners Greg & Theresa have enjoyed my Hefty weight full pan Lasagna with Extra Meat. Breads, Garlic butter,and Chocolate stuffed Bundt Cake.Again no leftovers and all full mouths and stomachs.

Animal Humane Society Received a donation of a Divadish Gift Certificate for their Charity Fundraiser.

North Oaks Pre-School Received a donation of a Divadish Gift certificate for their School Fundraiser.

Edina Reality (White Bear & Stillwater & Mahtomedi) The offices bought (9) dozen Molasses Cookies for their Brokers Coffee Meeting.No crumbs, lots of smiles and hopefully lots of sales.

Chateaguet Condominiums (White Bear Lake,MN.) Sampled my Lemon and Lime Sugar cookies, these little gems go so well with everything.

DLB. Management Companies Sampled my breads & Spreads at a event I was doing.

BNI Shoreview Chapter Sampled my Ginger Creams cookies.

ARC Gala Committee Received a Divadish gift certificate for their yearly Gala fundraiser.

Como Zoo Donation Committee Received a Divadish gift certificate for their annual fundraiser.

Appetite For Life Recovery & Addiction Received a Divadish gift certificate for their annual fundraiser.

Carlson & Attorney's & Associates Sampled my spiced cake, cookies, and chocolate cupcakes, lawyers have to eat too

Health Partners Offices (White Bear Lake,MN.) Gave Spiced cake samples to clients and staff during the flu shot season, we all wanted to stay healthy, so feed the right people.

Hearseaus Medical Devices ( North Oaks, MN.) Gave samples of my fruit berry muffins to receptionist area and break rooms for employees to enjoy.


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