Divadish Personal Chef Services

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Candy & Nuts for all your Occasions

Retailer for all Fine Nuts & Candies Made in Minnesota

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Quality Chocolates:

Malted Milk Balls 140z. $11.50

Chocolate Raisins 160z. $10.30

Toffee Almonds 160z.$16.00

Chocolate Almonds 160z.$16.70

Dark Chocolate Cherries 160z. $22.90

Chocolate Pretzels 10 0z.$8.00

Dark Chocolate Cashews 160z. $20.70

Magic Toffee Delights 120z.$13.7 

Top Seller's Candies: 

Jelly-bellies 160z. $11.50

Gummy-Bears160z $6.90

Gummy-Worms 160z.$6.90

Sour Worms 160z $6.90

Hokey-Pokey( Carmel Corn with nuts 12oz. $8.95

Carmel Apple Candy -Corn 80z. $8.00

Licorice 160z. Blue Raspberry,Grape,Red, Black $8.00 each 

Our top Sellers: 

Snack Mixes

Garlic Crunch 120z. $8.30

Sizzlin Sweet 120z. $7.50

Trail Mix 120z. $7.70

Sesame Treat 120z. $7.50

Pumpkin Seeds Salted 120z.$14.40

Pinenuts 80z. $40.40

Soynuts 80z.$4.95

Sunflower seeds 120z. $5.15 


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