Divadish Personal Chef Services

All prices include tax. Orders over $100 dollars ship at cost, orders under $100 will be picked up at our location  

Cashews - Jumbo Whole

$ 22.17 USD

These are Jumbo Cashews roasted to perfection - look at the size and quality of these Cashews! A perfect treat for the upcoming Holidays. 16 oz.


Pistachios - In Shell

$ 24.00 USD

Pistachios Salted in the Shell, 16 oz.


Sunflower Seeds - Hulled

$ 5.52 USD

Sunflower Shells out of the shell! Because who wants to wait for these! 16 oz.


Sunflower Seeds - In The Shell

$ 5.52 USD

Salted Sunflower Seeds in the shell - For those who enjoy the challenge of liberating them! 16 oz.


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