Divadish Personal Chef Services

Catering Selections & Prices

Include all :

  • Groceries
  • Meal Prep
  • Reheat Aluminum Trays

Delivery Fee Applies ( Please Ask)

Orders can be picked up @ Kitchens @ N/C with Appointment

Accepted forms of Payment :

Cash and Check

Available for Take-You-Bake

10" Organic Blueberries  Or Raspberry/Cherry Pies $55.00 each Serves (8) slices

Each pie is hand made filled to the brim with juicy  fruit. They are so delicious it makes your mouth water just looking at it! 

Roasted Chicken & Potato serves(6-8) &Artisan bread& spread  - $285.00

Lamb Chops or Leg of Lamb serves (6-8)

With Salad& Roasted Potatoes&Artisan bread & spread  - $320.00

Grilled Pork Chops serves (4) inc. Grilled Zucchini&Artisan bread & spread  - $190.00

Roasted Pork roast inc. potatoes & salad& Artisan bread & spread serves (6-8)  - $295.00

Sausages, Peppers, Onions,Bacon W/ Artisan bread&spread serves (6-8 )  - $295.00

Please add $15.00 for each extra serving.

Menu Category 2

Beef Stew   (5quarts)  -  $215.00  (20) 8oz bowls   Inc. (1) loaf of Artisan Bread

Beef Stroganoff ( 5 quarts)  - $285.00 Inc.  (20) 80z servings  Inc..(1)loaf of Artisan bread

Chicken or Turkey Soups  (5quarts ) - $215.00 (20) 8oz.bowls.Inc. (1) loaf of Artisan bread

Orzo/Zucchini /Tomato Soup serves (5 quarts)  - $215.00 Inc. (20 8oz.bowls

Inc..(1) loaf of Artisan bread

Spaghetti Soup/Chunk tomatoes, red sauce, meat. (5 quarts) $215.00  Inc. (1) loaf of Artisan bread  (20) 8.oz bowls

 Menu Category 3

Seafood Selections

Shrimp & Angel Hair Pasta sauteed in garlic & dark green olive oil.(serves 10 )

Served over a bed of steamed  Spinach mixed with garlic, olive oil & feta.$290.00

Grilled Shrimp & Brown Rice sauteed in dark green olive oil and cayenne

(serves 10) .$295.00

Blackened Salmon Steaks $295.00 serves (6)

served with Cheesy Hash-browns

Salmon Steaks with a Garlic/Dill butter & olive oil drizzle. serves (6) $295.00

served with Garlic Mash Potatoes

Vegetable Medley: steamed green beans, red onions, slivered carrots topped with toasted almonds and feta

Atlantic Cold-Water Cod $225.00 serves (6)

Pan seared with Lime & Butter & Olive Oil

Seasoned with Caraway, Dill, Cayenne

Comes with Brown Rice or Rosemary Potatoes.

Additional Sides:

Greek Roasted Wedge Potatoes topped with Feta Cheese $145.00 serves 4-6

Seasoned potatoes slow baked and crisped for that mouth watering yum.

Steamed Vegetables: Topped with Feta Cheese& Olive oil

Choose from green beans, carrots, asparagus, zucchini $110.00 serves 4-6

Pickled Cauliflower: Steamed and delicately seasoned cauliflower serves 4-6 $110.00

Selections are subject to availability.

Dessert Selections 

Mini-Cheese Cakes (6) Choose flavor

Vanilla, Raspberry, or Chocolate drizzled $60.00

Chocolate or Lemon filled Ricotta Cake $165.00

10" Bundt Cakes serves 15 slices @$55.00


Chocolate Desire,Carmel & Chocolate,Raspberry & Chocolate,

Confetti & Marshmallow Coconut, Lemon Heaven

Jumbo Cupcakes (8) $45.00

Flavors: Chocolate Chunk,Lemon Dunks,Nutty You's

Brownies (12) Double Stuffed Fudges $55.00

Cookies(1) dozen $35.00

Chocolate Chunks,Almond nuts,Oatmeal Raisin, Lemon Sugars,Anise Sugars

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