Divadish Personal Chef Services

Retailer for Fine Quality Candy & Nuts made in Minnesota.

All prices include tax. Orders over $100 dollars ship at cost, orders under $100 will be picked up at our location 

Hokey Pokey

$ 9.59 USD

Caramel Corn, Cashews, Pecans, Almonds, 12oz.


Mowy Wowy

$ 10.50 USD

Caramel Corn with Macadamia Nuts, 12oz.


Gummy Bears

$ 7.39 USD

Tutti Frutti Gummi Bears, 16 oz.


Sour Worms

$ 7.39 USD

Sour Fruit Neon Mini Worms, 16 oz.


Toffee Chocolate Almonds

$ 17.14 USD

Chocolate Covered Almonds with an inner coating of Toffee, 16 oz.

Chocolate Raisins

$ 11.03 USD

Chocolate Covered Raisins, 16 oz.


Malted Milk Balls

$ 12.32 USD

Double Thick Chocolate Malted Milk Balls, 14 oz.


Black Licorice

$ 8.57 USD

Black Licorice Twists with exceptional licorice flavor, always soft and fresh. 16 oz.


Blue Raspberry Licorice

$ 8.57 USD

Licorice Twists with the ever popular Blue Raspberry flavor - a mouth watering treat always soft and fresh! 16 oz.


Red Licorice

$ 8.57 USD

Soft and chewy Cherry Red Licorice twists. 16 oz.


Grape Licorice

$ 8.57 USD

Grape Licorice Twists with that all-time favorite Grape flavor - always soft and fresh. 16 oz.

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